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Inside Information
DPIT only has two official members. Local paranormal investigator Abraham, and his spunky Daughter Leilani. The Two Dunnings discovered they both had a large interst in the same thing. Spirits who dwell on earth, and so became DPIT.
What do they do exactly?
The signs and evidence is all there, now there is only one thing missing. Proof.  People can make claims, and boast about paranormal activity in their homes, but then again, who can't? DPIT is out to find the proof that people lust after. Something or anything to prove their theories, or expose them as false, which is why in most cases, DPIT works on their investigation skills in public places, where multiple people have reported some kind of activity. Easy access to the truth. All you have to do is show up, and attempt discovery.
What inspired DPIT?
Both members of DPIT have had many encounters with unexplainable activity. Voices, movement, the disappearance or reappearance of things... All of these things witnessed but with no explanation. So they both set out to solve their mysteries, and became a team along the way, prepared to take on more treacherous challenges.


How often do you investigate?
Not too often, not many opportunities pop up when you aren't well known. Still, we do find ourselves investigating quite a lot.
Why do you think there are ghosts/spirits?
Mainly because of the many encounters we've had with unexplainable activity.
The evidence is all around you. Ever wonder why you hear or see certain things all the time? Or ever wonder why people actually believe in ghosts/spirits in the first place? Obviously there has been something there to put people under the influence that the dead are still around, and we still have those beliefs today. Nothing has really proven it wrong, so why not keep trying to prove it right?
Do you ever edit your "evidence" to make it seem better or "more" then what it really is?
Let me assure you that DPIT does not fake any of its evidence. Which is why many of the Teams investigations turn out to be huge busts. Nothing exciting happening at all. But hey, every loss brings us one step closer to a win, or even an answer.
What you chose to believe is up to you.
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